Master Robert Grissom

6th Dan (Master Instructor)
Martial Arts Academy of Tang Soo Do MN
Lexington, MN

Master Robert Grissom began his training in 1980 in Walla Walla, WA. His first instructor was Mr. John Malloy. Joining the U.S. Marine Corp in 1981, he moved to Phoenix, AZ where he continued his training under Master Darryl Khalid, earning his 1st gup (red belt w/ stripe). He even began teaching his own self defense classes while training with the marines in California, and also practiced Aikido and Hapkido.

In 1984 he earned his Cho Dan under Master Khalid, and in 1986 he and his wife moved to South Carolina where they had their first child. It was here where they established their first studio, the Martial Arts Academy of Tang Soo Do. After being honorably discharged from marines for 8 years of service, his family moved to Minnesota, where they continued to train under Master Bob Willis. In 1992 they opened another studio, but called this one Circle Pines Karate Institute to reflect their city's name. In 1998, Master Grissom was promoted to Sah Dan Master at the World Championships that year. He then handed studio ownership over to his wife, Master Teresa Grissom, and supported her when she tested for her Sah Dan rank. In 2009 Master Grissom became regional director of Region 3, and the following year he was invited to test for his Oh Dan rank, being promoted at the 2012 World Championships. The studio name also changed to MG Karate. Master Grissom was most recently promoted to Yuk Dan rank at the 2018 World Championships.

Due to his professional work with the FAA, he turned over ownership of his studio to his senior student Mr. Michael Grothe, who renamed the studio from MG Karate back to Martial Arts Academy of Tang Soo Do, MN, while his daughter and son-in-law started Martial Arts Academy of Tang Soo Do, AZ. Master Grissom continues to lead Region 3 as its director and visionary as the region continues its growth.